Introducing Our New Mini Me Paddles

Based on our adult size paddles. These Mini Me paddles are great for your kids, grand kids, or make a great gift for anyone. The make a beautiful addition to any home, camp, and cabins décor. We can even personalize them with a name or logo. These paddles come in your favorite designs such as but no limited to; Diamond Back, The Gathering, Lone Star, Still Water, The Warrior, and in our personalized Mini Me paddle.

Personalizing a paddle

Personalize your paddle by adding a logo, boat name, family name, or house number to your paddle blade. Choose from several colors, black, white, red, dark red, blue, green, and orange (Single color graphics only). Start with Personalized paddle or Cherry Slice. They make great starting places for your personalization.

Unfinished Paddle

Need a unpainted unfinished paddle? We can do that. Sometimes you want to put your own creative touch to your own paddle. Take a look at our unfinished paddles.

We are now taking wholesale orders. contact us for details. 315-380-1142 or email me at


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