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I built this cedar strip canoe in 2014. If you would like me to build one for you give me a call at 315-380-1142. They take a while to build.  So you will need to be patient.  I build one-at-a-time on commission.

This canoe is a 17′ Laker.  It is a flat bottom canoe that handles great on lakes.  It can carry lots of cargo.  This canoe weighs approx. 72 lbs.

The seats are canned with a synthetic canning material so it has more flexibility, is more comfortable, and will not rot.

We use cedar strips on the hull with ash and western red cedar for accent strips. The seats,  yokes, thwarts, and gunwales are all made of cherry and the front and back stems are made of ash. The decks are made of cherry wood with ash accent strips.

The entire hull of the canoe is encased in fiberglass that is clear and invisible to the eye but gives the canoe great strength and protects the cedar from scratches and dings.  We then add on several coats of gloss marine varnish on the entire canoe.  We use a dull marine varnish on the floor to make it less slippery when wet.

The starting price for this beautiful piece of art is $6,500 and if you only knew the amount of time and painstaking effort that goes into building one of these you would have to agree that it is a bargain. We spend more than 400 hours building these canoes and it shows.

If you are unable to pick up the canoe we can have it freighted to you and an additional cost.

So, if you are up to owning one of these beautiful canoes and want to be the envy of all who are around, call me and let the adventure begin.

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On a side note, we sold the canoe that is in the pictures above to John Walsh from America’s Most Wanted TV show.