Highlander Paddle


Highlander; A beautifully finished cherry paddle.

Style: Beavertail Canoe Paddle
Full Size Paddle Length: 57 inch blade is 26 inches long by 6.25 inches wide.
Small Size Paddle Length: 35 inch blade is 16 inches by 5.5 inches wide.
Wood Species: Cherry
Finish: Satin varnish with an oiled grip

This paddle reminded me of Mel Gibson’s face paint in the movie Braveheart. Although it is not exactly like it, I still decided to call it the Highlander. The paddle has clean blue and white lines, and its simplicity is striking.


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Additional information

Weight 4.12 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 8 × 4 in
Paddle Sizes

35 inch paddle, 57 inch tall paddle

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