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Welcome to Up-A-Creek Paddle Company!

Our handmade, artisan-painted wooden canoe paddles are the perfect decorator item,  evoking nostalgic memories of simpler times.  Displayed  in any vacation home, lake house or cabin, these cherry paddles will add a unique charm to your residence.

What’s special about your paddles?

Our paddles are 100% made in America using solid locally sourced cherry wood. Because we finish them with a UV-protected spar varnish, these 57″ x 6″ beavertail paddles can be used to paddle your canoe and or be displayed inside or out.

What do I need to do to keep my paddles looking good?

It’s pretty simple. If your paddle displayed inside and has an oiled grip, periodic oiling of the grip will be needed to keep the handle from drying out. Other than dusting, no other maintenance is necessary.

If using the paddle for outdoor display, a once-a-year cleaning with a mild cleaning solution is all that’s required. Periodic oiling of the grip will be needed to keep the wood from drying out and to keep the handle feeling soft.

If using as canoe paddle, periodically wipe on mineral oil onto the grip and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Wipe off excess. You may lightly sand the grip with 400- to 600-grit sandpaper between coats for an ultra-smooth grip.

Always wipe the water off your paddle after use. Since we do not use tip guards, be careful not to bang the tip on any rocks or the ground to help minimize chips, scuffs, and scratches. If chips and scratches break through the varnish, you may need to lightly sand the area and re-apply varnish. We suggest using a marine spar varnish.

How long will take me to get my paddles?
Since we hand paint each paddle to order, please allow 7 to 14 days for delivery.  Wish we could do it faster, but I don’t want to compromise our quality in any way.  You – our happy customers – are our strongest marketing tool.  Word-of-mouth has really helped us build our business.

What is your return policy
For returns, You have 30 days from receipt of order to return your item. Shipping will not be refunded and PayPal fees will not be refunded.

Wholesale, retail opportunities are available. Please contact us to find out more at upacreekpaddles@gmail.com.

Where can I leave a review?
you can leave a review on google, and we hope you do.