Personalized Hand Painted Paddle

Personalize your paddle by adding a logo, boat name, family name, or house number to your paddle blade. Choose from several colors, black, white, red, dark red, blue, green, and orange (Single color graphics only). Start with Personalized paddle or Cherry Slice. They make great starting places for your personalization.

Laser Engraved Personalized Paddles

Laser engraving is one of the coolest and versatile ways to add a graphic, logo, or sketch to a paddle. Add some painted graphics like your name and or other painted design elements for an overall great paddle.

Laser Engraved Select Images

We are adding select images that are laser engraved onto a paddle. We will be adding to this library so check back often for new images. If you have a suggestion on what image we should add, please email us directly.

Artisan Painted Paddles

Select from or hand painted designs that will brighten up any room and create endless conversations. 

Unfinished Paddle

Need an unpainted unfinished paddle? We can do that. Sometimes you want to put your own creative touch to your own paddle. Take a look at our unfinished paddles.

We are now taking wholesale orders. contact us for details. 315-380-1142 or email me at


For returns, You have 30 days from receipt of order to return your item. Shipping and Paypal fees will not be refunded.

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